The House of Pets has New Owners

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Hi and Welcome to The House of Pets

We are looking forward to sharing pics of our fur-babies with you (and please send us some pics of your fur-babies).

We have two dachshunds, or wiener dogs.  Molly the matriarch who is 14 years, and Freddie the fun-lover who is 6 years old.

Molly the wiener dog matriarch at The House of Pets   Freddie the fun-loving wiener dog at The House of Pets

We also have two siamese cats, a seal and chocolate point.  Bonnie, our elegant lady of 9 years of age, and Alfred who is our mischievous 3 years old.

Bonnie the elegant Siamese at The House of Pets    Alfred the mischievous at The House of Pets

We have started with a decent range of product for you to check out.  The great news is that we are already arranging to increase and diversify our range of products.  This will mean that there are more options for all of our fur-babies, and we will be getting more categories in place for hamsters, birds, fish, ferrets, turtles, mice and more...

If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please let us know.  Our goal is to source really good great and make them available at affordable prices, and with your help we can achieve that for pet owners far and wide.

We invite you into The House of Pets family and look forward to sharing some great memories, reviewing some awesome products and seeing our pets enjoying life as the make our lives more enjoyable.

All creatures great and small



The House of Pets Family



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