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Welcome to The House of Pets!

Chances are that is you found this page, you have some pets (aka fur-babies) of your own.  These little guys add so much love to our lives, it's good to look after them, keep the stimulated and occasionally spoil them.

The House of Pets is run by pet owners for pet owners - and we have just acquired this store to start sourcing some of the best available pet products.  We are also working on extending our range beyond our canine and feline friends to include as broad a pet supply range as possible.  As we build this site, you will meet our two dachshunds (weiner dogs), Molly and Freddie, and our two siamese cats, Bonnie and Alfred.

If you are after a product that we yet have, or you would like to recommend a pet product because your have found it to be great, please feel free to let us know.

For all creatures great and small,

The House of Pets Family

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