Heavy Duty Dog Enclosure

  • $1,476.47

Benefits for Pets & Owners

  • 7.5' (H)  x  10' (L)  x  5' (W)
  • Modular Design allowing for extensions
  • Heavy Duty design to keep you pets protected

This heavy duty dog enclosure / pet pen will keep you pets safe, while allowing them to enjoy the great outdoors.  It includes 2 access gates for entry into the pen.  In addition to this, the modular design allows for extensions to your pet with more space (these are sold separately)

This pet enclosure is suitable for housing dogs, cats, birds, hamsters and more.  In fact, thanks to the modular design it would  make a perfect bird aviary.  The two gates allow for access for both pets and owners.

Thanks to the heavy duty design and components, predators will quickly move on after realizing the strength of the dog enclosure.  The Animal House has been designed with your pets safety in mind. 

Peace of mind in knowing that your pets are safe.  Components are constructed using quality welding and steel panels.  This makes for a quality designed, heavy duty structure. 

Create a pet enclosure with your pet in mind.  Thanks to the modular approach with the Animal House, you are able to customize your pet's enclosure to suit their needs, giving them plenty of room to get around.

Easy to Assemble.  The original kit comes with all the connectors, clamps and caps your require.  And you can purchase additional modules and accessories as you require them.


Dog Enclosure Features

Feature: Welded panels for heavy duty finish
Brand Name: Animal House (Jewett-Cameron Lumber Corp - DROPSHIP)
Outdoor Pet Enclosure Design: Dual Gate Access - Free swinging 60" x 30" gates allow for easy entrance and exit from both ends of the cage.
Material: Heavy duty welded wire panels with powder coat finish are extremely durable, strong and great for outdoor use.
Color: Burgundy powder-coat
Dog Enclosure Size:  7.5' high  X  10' long  x  5'wide
Please note that this item weighs 244 1/5 lbs (recommended to have several people assist move box.

The protective pet cage provides your pets with a spacious area to enjoy the outdoors.  It provides you with the peace of mind in knowing that your pets are safely contained on your property, and that they are safe from predators.


What's Included

1 x Heavy Duty Dog Enclosure in flat pack form.  Requires basic 'Do It Yourself' assembly.  Assembled dimensions are 7.5' high  X  10' long  x  5' wide

About the Pet Enclosure Suppliers:

Animal House & Jewett Cameron:

Many refer to Jewett-Cameron as a leader in pet solutions.  As we continue to encroach on natural habitats, predators are starting to be seen more commonly near residential areas, and our pets.  This means being outside is not as safe as it used to be for our cats and dogs. 

This is why Jewett-Cameron came up with the 'Animal House' with its various options, including the Heavy Duty components and the modular design.  Not only does this provide you with a secure dog enclosure / pet pen for your pets, but it also allows you to adjust the design to suit the requirements of you and your pets.  Some people have set it up with access from the home straight into the pet enclosure to that your animals can freely roam between the indoors and outdoors.  Keep you pet safe in the Heavy Duty Dog Enclosure - order yours today!

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