Cat Harness & Lead for Walking Your Cat

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Benefits for Pets & Owners:

  • Totally adjustable cat harness, to suit most breeds easily
  • Also suitable as a Rabbit Harness and Lead
  • Choose from Blue, Red or Black

When it comes to cat harnesses, there are benefits for cats and owners a like.  Prior to walking your cat in harness, it is highly advisable to allow your cat to wear the harness for a little while to become accustomed to it.  Then add the lead to the cat harness, so your cat becomes used to that as well.

When comfortable and ready, start in a yard area and as your confidence grows, start heading out and around the neighborhood.  The lead is about 2/5" thick and just over 47" in length, which will allow your cat to explore a little while out on a walk with you. 


Cat Harness & Lead Features:

Feature: A great way to walk your rabbit or cat in a harness
Cat Harness Type: Completely Adjustable Cat Halter Harnesses
Material: Nylon straps
Color: Blue, Red, Black (see images)
Cat Harness Size:

  • Straps are approx 2/5"
  • Leash is approx 47 2/5" long


What's Included:

1 x Adjustable Rabbit or Cat Harness & Leash

Make Sure: You nominate your preferred color so that we can get it shipped promptly for you