Adjustable Car Seat Belt for Pets

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Keep Your Pet Safe with an Adjustable Car Seat Belt for Pets

Designed to work with your pet's collar/harness and your car's selt belt system

The adjustable car seat belt for pets is a great way to ensure your pets are safe when traveling in a car. To put it simply, it is a lead that connects to your cat or dog's existing collar or harness and to the car's seat belt latch. The benefit of this because you are using your pet's existing collar or harness, there is no need for adjustments there.  The adjustability is in the length of the pet car seat belt lead, which determines how much your pet can move around. That said, we recommend the following:

  • Give your pets enough leash to be able to get themselves comfortable
  • If they are prone to motion sickness, put them in a window seat (if not using the air con, open the window slightly)
  • Ensure that the leash isn't too long because we don't want them ending up off the seat and in the footwells
  • Before you unclick your pets from the seat belt ensure that you have their normal walking lead already attached to their collar / harness
  • The metal components of the pet car seat belts are made from stainless steel for added security.

The leads come in a wide range of colors for you to choose from, including:

  • Army Green
  • Blue
  • Coffee
  • Light Green
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Rose Red
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Sky Blue


Please note that due to Covid's impact on supply channels, there may be a delay in the arrival of your order. If you have any questions, please do not hestitate to contact us.