Dog Mat - Bamboo Cooling Mat

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Benefits for Pets & Owners

  • Great for keeping your pet cool during warmer months
  • Made for natural materials
  • Portable and easy to clean

 Your pets can really feel the impact of the summer months.  This bamboo dog cooling mat can help keep them cooler during this time.  As our pets wear a fur coat and can't sweat to cool down, we need to provide them with options for keeping cool.

Make sure they have plenty of clean, cool water (not sitting in direct sunlight), plenty of airflow and plenty of shade.  Set the bamboo dog cooling mat up in the shade area for best outcomes.



Feature: Cooling dog mat
Dog Mat Type: pet mat to help keep pets cooler
Material: Bamboo. Hand wash
Color: See images
Dog Cooling Mat Sizes:

Large:  27.3" (long)  x  19.5" (wide)

Extra Large:  33.54" (long)  x  22.23" (wide)

What's Included:

1 x Bamboo Dog Cooling Mat
Make Sure: You select the correct size so that we can get it shipped promptly for you