Wireless Indoor Pet Barrier | Electric Zone Pet Dog Fence

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How the indoor pet barrier will make you a happier pet owner.

Dogs (aka Fur-Babies), love to spend all their time with us which means that they will sometimes try to enter areas that they are not supposed to like;

  • escaping out the front door
  • the kitchen
  • the carpeted living areas
  • jumping up on the sofa or bed
  • near the bin
We love our dogs, but we also need to train them on where they can and can not go - especially if we are not always around to keep an eye on them.  An indoor pet barrier is able to help assist train them with consistency.  It quickly trains them to avoid the area.



  • The wireless indoor pet fence transmitter is designed to transmit a signal that the collar responds to.  The strength of this radio signal can be adjusted to match the situation;
    • at the front door to prevent escaping may require a stronger signal
    • whereas near the bin might be a smaller field
    • The maximum signal strength provides a circular field with a 12ft diameter
  • The collar for the indoor dog barrier is waterproof and rechargeable.  It also features an LCD screen for quick reference regarding settings and battery strength
  • The collar that offers 6 adjustable levels of correction, including audio and static options.  This allows you to select the best level of correction to match your dog's drive and deter the unwanted behaviour



The transmitter or 'zone' emits a radio signal that the associated dog collar responds to.  So, when your dog is wearing the collar and approaches the off-limits area as designated by the transmitter, the collar will start giving an audio warning that the dog will learn to turn away from.  Initially though, the alarm has no real consequence to your dog, so they will continue towards the off-limits area.  As thet do, the audio signal is replaced by a static correction, the pulsation strength is determined by the level the collar is set to.  This is to match your dog's drive and deter them away from the area.  Within a short time frame, most dogs will understand to back off as soon as they hear the audio warning. 

The following steps will help in the setup of your wireless indoor pet barrier;

  1. Let your dog wear the collar (see #6 for fitting instructions) on and off over the next few days - without having the transmitter turned on.  This will help prevent your dog from becoming collar wise.
  2. Turn the transmitter on and place it in the zone that is to become off-limits to your dog.  Then, depending on the exclusion area you want, set the transmitter signal to either its lowest setting (for smaller areas) or to its maximum setting for larger areas
  3. Then get the charged collar and turn it on - away from the transmitter.  Then hold the collar by the straps and hold the butterfly tool against the collar probes. 
  4. Then walk towards the transmitter holding the collar at approximately your dog's head height.  You will hear the collars audio warning and then see the butterfly tool light up.  This indicates where the signal starts.  Check this by coming at the transmitter from a couple of different angles
  5. Make any adjustments to the signal strength via the buttons on the transmitter - either to increase or decrease the diameter of the signals strength.
  6. To get the results from the indoor pet fence, fitting the collar is one of the most crucial aspects.  You will want to fit the collar as high as you can on your dog's neck (sitting just below the jaw).  It needs to be a firm fit, you should be able to jiggle the collar without in moving from position.
  7. When your dog is first going to encounter the indoor zone barrier, make sure you are there to observe.  You may need to give your dog some reassurance as well as provide direction on moving away from the area to avoid the consequence.  If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.



  • The static dog collar (receiver)
    • Water-resistant and adjustable
    • 6 levels of audio & static correction
    • Rechargeable - 400MA battery
  • Indoor Dog Fence Zone (transmitter)
    • LCD screen for quick reference
    • Adjustable signal strength - up to 12ft diameter
    • Battery powered
  • Test tool light
    • Adjust collar probes
    • Test system to see transmitter signal strength
  • Material predominantly used is plastic
  • Made by HeroPie



1 x Barrier Transmitter

1 x adjustable collar

1 x 5V USB charging cable

1 x Test Tool Light

1 x Operating and Training Guide


It is important that you limit the time your dog wears the collar.  No more than 12 consecutive hours at a time.  This is to prevent pressure necrosis (similar to bed sores), where the probes can irritate the skin.  It is best to stick to a maximum time of 12 hours.  Where possible, slightly adjust how the collar sits (a little to the left or right of the last fitting), as this will also help minimize this risk.  Finally, regularly clean around your dogs necks and the collar as well.