Whale Cat Toy

  • $11.95

Entice your cat with the Whale cat toy. This brightly colored toy will capture your kitty's attention.

Simply swing and swoosh the blue fish around. Your cat will jump, pounce and paw in an attempt to grab the whale. You need to be at the ready to move the wooden rod the blue fish is attached to and ensure that is keeps evading your feline's grasp. 


This is a great toy for interactive play with your cat. By swaying the fish just outside of your cat's reach, you will entice play that activates natural actions. This is great for kittens, adult cats and even senior cats. Order yours today and start having fun with your fur-baby.

Features Include:

  • Interactive play
  • Enticing colour
  • Smooth wooden rod and strong cord to control the whale
  • Promotes healthy exercise